The Story

The first of its kind, childrenswear brand to offer 100% Fairtrade certified, organic and ethically sourced clothing that runs on a non-profit and plastic free way of life. Along with its honest roots, the brand also encourages its customers to kindly reduce, reuse and recycle via a free and unique charitable redistribution platform – the Rinky Dinky Box.

We are ‘pals of the planet’ and are conscious in our efforts in reducing carbon and waste by making ALL materials in the shipping process plastic free and 100% recyclable.

Our items are lovingly designed in London and sourced from a sustainable and Fairtrade manufacturer in Tirupur India. Every step in the process of making a garment is eco-friendly including:
  • Materials made of 100% organic Fairtrade cotton
  • The dyeing process is done with a ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ system
  • 95% of the water is reused for dyeing again and the other 5% is used for brick laying and road fillers for the local towns
Our products are travelling 8,280km to get to the UK, emitting 2,631kg of CO2 and other effects into the atmosphere. We offset that carbon footprint by contributing a compensation fee to to contribute to their climate saving projects.
Rinky Dinky will launch with one unisex high quality / low quantity item. Once the item sells out, we will launch with our next in an attempt to manage demand and reduce wasted product. We are aiming for a full collection to appear by early 2020 but only if the demand is there!