Are you really zero profit?

  • Yes! We are a small brand first but we invest ALL profits back into the company to create an even more sustainable, charitable and honest brand.

How are you a sustainable brand?

  • Everything from the dye on our clothes, to the sticky labels we use to post your item is made out of either recycled, recyclable or compostable materials. Even the ‘faux-plastic’ mailer bags we send are 100% compostable. We’re proud to say that we’ve taken the time to seek suppliers that believe in the same sustainable values as us.

What is the Rinky Dinky Box?

  • The Rinky Dinky Box is the box you receive your order in. It’s specifically designed with room to fit 7-10 pieces of babywear where we encourage you to send your unwanted (but good condition) items to us. We will use those very same boxes to curate the perfect baby boxes for donation to some of our amazing charities we work with.

How will I know my items I send are going to worthy causes?

  • We will always be transparent with where your items go and if you ever want to drop us an email to ask, please do at Hello@RinkyDinkyLondon.com. To keep up to date on the Rinky Dinky box deliveries, follow us on our social media platforms and sign up to our newsletter where we’ll keep you posted. Please visit our charities page for further information on our partners.

Do you ship outside the UK?

  • We are very happy to ship outside the UK (in accordance to international shipping rates) but in an attempt to offset our carbon emissions, we are unable to provide the Rinky Dinky Box concept which includes the box and a return postage to those outside the UK. We’re hoping to one day have a sustainable solution.