The Box



Along with every purchase made, our customers receive a 100% recyclable Rinky Dinky Box (also made from recycled materials!) and a free postage return with the order. They are encouraged to to consider what their children are no longer using, or maybe even never used. The box is then sent back to us with good quality baby/childrenswear.

Our HQ receives the donations, where we make sure everything is in order, deep cleaned and delivered to family charities, hospitals and organisations. The core concept is to reduce waste, encourage consumers to think differently about the opportunities to recycle and ultimately help others.


Our wish is to be transparent with our consumers and to offer real insight into what happens after they donate. Customers are kept up to date on their donations via the RD social platforms where they can follow the donation process and find out more about our charity partners.

We proudly work with Solace Women’s Aid and Baby Basics.